The Strange Business of Ice

For the kids’ podcast Brains On (American Public Media), I made a piece about the history of harvesting ice in 19th century New England – an industry that spanned the globe and made a few people very, very rich. To report the story, I visited the Thompson Ice House in South Bristol, Maine, where they… Continue reading The Strange Business of Ice

Walden Pondered

“Walden” doesn’t really have a plot. It’s one part memoir, one part self-help and 10 parts rant about everything wrong with American society. So why do we still read Henry David Thoreau’s memoir about living in the woods? It was a blast to produce this piece for Studio 360’s long-running American Icons series, and to… Continue reading Walden Pondered

The Briny

The Briny is a podcast about the stories that connect us to the sea. Through marine biology, cultural history, personal stories, fish tales, or an amalgam of all these, The Briny explores the way the watery part of the Earth affects those of us who live on the dry parts. Each episode is a sound-rich… Continue reading The Briny