Frassica-woodsI’m an independent radio and podcast producer based in Portland, Maine. I’ve produced and edited stories and episodes for Reveal, Freakonomics Radio, A Piece of Work, Here & Now, Studio 360, The Organist, and others. Currently, I’m senior producer for a forthcoming narrative series from Crooked Media. My own podcast, The Briny, tells sound-rich stories from the sea. I’ve taught documentary storytelling at Maine College of Art and journalism¬†at Bellarmine College. Previously, I was a producer for public radio’s arts and culture show Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen (WNYC + PRI). There, I helped pilot a new sound and format as the show pivoted to a podcast-first model. Before that, I was a features reporter for the Louisville Courier-Journal. I hold master’s degrees in journalism (NYU) and English (McGill).

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, AIR, and PRX.